Is a Colombian born, American nationalized, Creative Director currently living in Miami, working at GUT. His work is quite diverse ranging from conventional Advertising to conceptual ideation. He’s had the opportunity to work for agencies and brands in Paris, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.

Guided Frame Google Pixel 

In a time when inclusivity is increasingly vital in the field of AI, Google is leveraging AI in its products and features to enhance accessibility. The Super Bowl ad for 2024 showcases Guided Frame, an AI-powered feature in Pixel phones. Guided Frame utilizes audio cues and haptic feedback to assist blind and low-vision individuals in capturing better pictures and selfies.

Notably, Guided Frame was not only designed for the disabled community but also developed with their input. This principle extended to the creation of the Super Bowl spot, "Javier in Frame." Directed by blind filmmaker Adam Morse, narrated by blind musician Stevie Wonder, and starring blind actor Javier Kussrow, the film portrays the journey of a blind man and his girlfriend as they navigate life, utilizing Guided Frame to capture significant moments along the way.

Directed by Adam Morse - Blind Director

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The New York Times | Forbes | INC | NPR| TIME | USA Today | It’s Nice That | Washington Post | CNN | CBS Bloomberg |  Among Others...

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