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Legalize Lemonade Country Time Lemonade

2018’s Country Time’s Legal Ade campaign raised awareness about how kids were getting busted for their lemonade stands because of outdated, arcane laws. But, in 2019, there where still plenty of states that had these old, arcane laws, on the book—making lemonade illegal if sold at a lemonade stand.

So, in order to change these absurd laws, Country Time set up a juxtaposition that lemonade, a traditional, innocent product, was in fact illegal (if sold at a lemonade stand). And just like the widespread legalization of marijuana, the brand demanded lemonade be legalized in all 50 states.

As the campaign went on, politicians got involved and introduced bills to Legalize Lemonade.

Law changed
︎︎︎ Texas
︎︎︎ Tennessee

In the works
︎︎︎ Pennsylvania
︎︎︎ Minnesota
︎︎︎ New Jersey

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In 2018, Country Time's Legal Ade campaign exposed laws penalizing kids for lemonade stands. Despite progress, in 2019, many states still deemed lemonade sales illegal. It only seemed right we called for nationwide legalization.

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