Is a Colombian born, American nationalized, Creative Director currently living in Miami, working at GUT. His work is quite diverse ranging from conventional Advertising to conceptual ideation. He’s had the opportunity to work for agencies and brands in Paris, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.

Guided Frame Google Pixel  🏈

Google's Guided Frame revolutionizes photo accessibility for the blind. Our Super Bowl ad, directed by blind director Adam Morse and narrated by Stevie Wonder, amplifies discussions on genuine inclusivity and accessibility.

Real Tone Google Pixel  🏈

Google Pixel’s Real Tone tech breaks camera barriers for accurate skin tone representation. Our Super Bowl ad, with over 40 diverse individuals and Lizzo's exclusive song, sparked conversation on true visibility and inclusivity.

Mayo Haters NotMayo

Coming Soon...

Cow Hides Philadelphia CC

To prove that Philadelphia Cream Cheese is made with fresh milk and real cream, we turned it into the very thing that makes it: cows.

Cheesecake Is Everything Philadelphia CC

In 2021, a Philly Cream Cheese shortage had Americans longing for their favorite holiday dessert, cheesecake. In 2022, we turned cheesecake into the year's must-have gifts, riding the #CakeNotCake trend.

12-Hour Marination Popeyes

To showcase Popeyes' unique 12-hour chicken marination, we pushed the boundaries of long-exposure photography, creating a visual ode that captures the essence of the process.

The Full Package Toyota Yaris iA

The Toyota Yaris iA comes fully equipped, leaving no need for packages. However, we decided to add some anyway – the fun kind you'd expect from a car that already has it all.

I Am Hunger In America Feeding America

Hunger affects 1 in 8 Americans. Challenging common perceptions, we used AI and USDA data to create the first data-driven visualization of hunger in the US.

Littlest Bailout Country Time Lemonade

In the summer of 2020, as lemonade stands struggled because of social distancing, we launched The Littlest Bailout — the first economic relief program exclusively for these small businesses. 

Kraft Now Pay Later Kraft

In late 2018, during the government shutdown, Kraft stepped up to support furloughed government workers and their families.

Sometimes It’s Not Stealing Welch’s

Welch's Fruit Snacks are a guilty pleasure for parents too. To celebrate this, we've launched a new storybook – to help parents get away with stealing them.

Love In Translation Google Pixel

We set up a blind date for eight singles who don't speak the same language. To save the day, Google Pixel acts as cupid using its Live Translation feature.

Kraft Valentine’s Kraft Mac & Cheese

Valentine’s Day can be challenging for parents seeking intimacy, with 86% desiring it but 1 in 4 hindered by kids. We positioned Kraft's new Big Bowl Mac & Cheese as the solution.

#EmojiSentiment Personal Project

Emoji allow us to not only say a lot, but also the tone of online communication. With their increasing use, tracking emojis, not just words, is the next big step toward accurately defining online topic sentiment.

All Together Cereal Kellogg’s

For the first time we brought our iconic mascots and cereals together as a symbol of acceptance. No matter how you look, where you’re from, or who you love.

Family Greatly Kraft  🏈

Breaking from the norm of flashy Super Bowl ads, Kraft's first-ever commercial put the spotlight on real families. By inviting them to submit their own photos using #familygreatly for a chance to be featured in the spot.

Maria’s Invitations Personal Project

My wife love’s to host parties, dinners, brunch, etc. By default I design the invitations.